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Rowdy - Mustard

Rowdy - Mustard

Mustard Summer Gloves

Unisex mustard leather gloves. The perforated leather is made to get a better ventilation and retro style look. The reinforced palm of the hand and protection on the knuckles guarantee a better protection. Wrist adjustment possibilities guarantee the perfect fit and comfort.

 The Rowdy gloves are designed for riders who are looking for protection and Atom retro style.

Reasons to wear Motorcycle gloves:

  • Safety: Gloves give you a better grip on your handlebar grips. Gloves decrease muscle and hand fatigue allowing you to focus more and ride safer.
  • Protection: The first thing we do when we think we’re about to fall is to put our hands out. Protection from sunburns is another benefit to wearing gloves.
  • Comfort: Increases your level of comfort while riding and actually keep my hands cooler in the hot months and warm in the cold months.
  • Style: An added benefit to wearing gloves is the style aspect. Ride Dapper!!

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  • 24/48h Spain and Portugal
  • 5-11 days to the rest of the world.

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