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The first ever motorcycle was first unveiled in 1867, made by Sylvester Howard Roper. The bike was powered by a steam engine with two 164cc pistons each and powered by coal. The first combustion motorcycle was created in 1885, made by Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler.

Since then the evolution of the motorcycle has been unstoppable until it has become one of the most used transports. New motorcycle brands are founded every day and electric motorcycles are getting more important in our society. The competition is increasing, but there is a motorcycle model that has gone down in history as the biggest bestseller in history.

Honda Super Cub

The reason you are reading this article is to find out which is the best-selling motorcycle in history and the answer is…: Honda Super Cub (Cub: Cheap Urban Bike). The Super Cub is not only the best-selling motorcycle in history, it is also the best-selling vehicle in history.

The iconic model of the Asian brand has sold more than 100 million units since its commercialization in 1958 and has been sold in more than 160 countries. It began by selling in Asia and shortly after in the US. The American success was such that even the Beach Boys dedicated a song to it: Little Honda

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The bike is characterized by its lightness (47 kg) and maneuverability, perfect for the city. The 49cc engine had a power of 4.5 hp with a top speed of 69 km / h. In the first 4 years, more than two million units were sold.

To commemorate 100 million units sold, Honda created in 2018 the remake of the legendary best-seller, the Honda Cub C125. The new Super Cub has an aesthetic similar to its predecessor but with notable changes in terms of performance. The most notable changes are that it is a 125cc that doubles the power and weight: 9.5 hp and 109 kg. The new Super Cub has been modernized to suit the needs of its customers.

It is said that something new is learned every day and we hope to have that pleasure today. You already know, the Honda Super Cub is from the Guiness Record: the best-selling motorcycle and vehicle in history.


Honda Super Cub 2018

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