5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet

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The motorcycle helmet is a safety and protection element for any biker. Its use is mandatory and necessary to avoid damage to the head, but it has also become a fashion accessory. Who doesn't like to look good on their bike?
You know that it is mandatory and necessary, but ... When do you have to change it? We help you with these 5 keys:
  1. ALL helmets expire

The first of the 5 keys is the expiration date. Don't forget the number 5 because it is very important. ALL motorcycle helmets expire after 5 years, even if they have been properly cared of. If your helmet is more than 5 years old or is going to meet them, you should start thinking about buying a new one.

  1. The helmet seems damaged

Who hasn’t accidentally dropped their helmet? These small drops or scratches do not have to diminish the quality of the helmet but you should review it. If you find cracks or a strong blow, you need replace it immediately.

  1. In case of an accident ...

In case of having a motorcycle accident and having hit the helmet you also have to replace it to avoid major problems. As much affection as you have for your helmet, better keep it on the shelf to be able to observe your faithful but retired friend.

  1. Take a look inside

The interior of a helmet is made of polystyrene (also known as EPS), which is responsible for absorbing the impact in an accident. Check the interior for deformities that may alert you that the helmet needs to be changed if the material does not have its original shape. An infallible data is the loss of support that clearly indicates that the helmet needs to be replaced.

  1. Store your helmet well

It seems silly, but if you want to extend the life of your helmet (Remember! Not longer than 5 years), get used to storing it in the right place. Avoid storing it near cleaning products, gasoline, or synthetic paints. Also, do not leave the helmet in a place with sun exposure because it can also affect your helmet. The best way to store it is in its sleeve and on a shelf in a cool place.

Remember these 5 steps to know if you have to change your motorcycle helmet. Let’s a little summary: you have to change the helmet every 5 years, if it has a damaged structure or has suffered an accident, if the interior is deformed or if it has been exposed to gasoline, cleaning products, sunlight and extreme heat, ...

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