5 timeless Motorcycles

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Vespa advertising

Is there any biker who is not into Vespas? Let's rephrase this…Is there any person in the world who is not into Vespas? We can assure you this is the timeless bike by excellence. The first Vespa was ride for the very first time in Pontedera (Italy) in 1946. 200 units were built. Ten years later, more than one million Vespas could be seen riding across Europe. Ever since then it began to be considered a Hippie icon and also a fashion product.

The name of the bike comes from the words Enrico Piaggio spoke when D’Ascanio showed him the prototype he had been working on: “Pretty! It looks like a wasp (Vespa)”.

Marlon Brando Triumph


The British Brand is possibly the most used by the film industry. We`ve watched Steve McQueen riding a Triumpgh TR6 Trophy in “The Great Escape”; Marlon Brando with a Thunderbird 6T, Brad Pitt riding a T110 in the “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” or even the famous Agent 007 from the James Bond Saga (Daniel Craig) driving a Scrambler. These are just a few of the many appearances Triumph has made in films and in tv shows. When choosing the most representative model from this brand, it should be the Triumph Bonneville. A classic and elegant bike, ever since the first series was issued that will never go out of style.

Honda CB750

Honda CB750 Four

In 1969 and authentic revolution in the motorcycling world took place after this model was presented. Honda fulfilled its main objective, creating a fast and stable bike, with a reliable engine and few breakdowns. The Japanese brand was able to create a timeless bike that is still highly demanded nowadays. The CB750 Four was bike ahead of it`s time and a reference for sport bikes. Honda transformed the market introducing a cutting edge bike, that outcome it´s competition not only in quality but in price too. If you have one in your garage, you have an all time classic.

Ducati Sport Classic

Ducati Sport Classic

The esthetic behind the Ducati Sport Classic is absolutely perfect, there is no other way to describe it (as you can tell, this one is our favorite in Atom). This fantastic creation was removed from the market in 2014, only 4 years after it was released. Ever since then, it has been very difficult (and expensive) to acquire one of these bikes. The Sport Classic is the heir of 750 Sport from 1973, which offer us a vintage look combined with new technology. Although this particular bike has lots of fans and detractors, we included as it has served as inspiration for many other bike models since it appeared the first time.

BMW R nineT

The German Brand created the ultimate Modern Classic bike. We can now find this bi-cylindrical boxer in many cities around the world. The R nineT first came out in April 2017 and immediately became a classic and top 1 in sales. This bike´s design makes us go back, to the time when the legendries R80 and R100 BMW were made but combined with today´s technology. They kept the retro look, which triggers the buyer’s memories and makes them want to get it. We are certainly dealing with a bike that will remain in the market as a classic for many years more.

BMW RnineT

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