4 Reasons why to wear Motorcycle Gloves (always)

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Motorcycle gloves are an accessory that should be necessary for any rider, regardless of the motorcycle style (Scooter, 125cc or a large motorcycle). They are a basic element for safety and you can also find them in different types and colors to add style to your motorcycle. In France they are already mandatory and in Spain they are already talking about taking the same measure.


Why are gloves necessary?

Rowdy summer gloves

The answer is simple: The hands and wrists are one of the most likely to suffer injuries and fractures in an accident (along with the head and lower extremities).

Hands are usually the first supporting point in most accidents, especially in urban centres and at lower speeds. Wearing gloves will help you prevent many injuries from these types of situations.


Types of Motorcycle Gloves:

Summer gloves: Usually lighter and made from more breathable materials (it´s important to highlight leather is the safest material). Fancy Fingers and Rowdy have holes to promote ventilation and reduce heat on the hands. 

Mid-Season Gloves: Rowdy gloves are a perfect example of mid-season gloves. They can be both used on hot and cold days.

Winter gloves: Longer, with an inner lining and incorporate adjusters at the wrist to improve the fit. Thicker and reinforced to protect you from cold or rain.Should always be waterproof like the Dynamo winter gloves.


4 reasons to wear motorcycle gloves:

Safety: Gloves give you a better grip on your handlebar grips. Gloves decrease muscle and hand fatigue allowing you to focus more and ride safer.

Protection: First thing we do when we feel we’re about to fall is to put our hands out. Protection from sunburns is another benefit to wearing gloves.

Comfort: Increases your level of comfort while riding and actually keep my hands cooler in the hot months and warm in the cold months.

Style: An added benefit of wearing gloves is style. Ride Dapper !!


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